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E-mail me to schedule an event!

I give programs and workshops for students in elementary school through college, at schools and libraries across the country.

Presentations can be tailored to any age or grade. Please allow up to 50 minutes or one class period for each presentation, including Q&A. Allow additional time for book signing.

School visit fees for the 2021-2022 school year:

These rates are all-inclusive.

There are no additional charges for travel, lodging, meals, etc.


In person:

Less than one hour's drive from Hartford, CT:

   Full day (up to 4 presentations): $1200 

   Half day (up to 2 presentations): $700


1-2 hours’ drive from Hartford, CT:

  Full day (up to 4 presentations): $1,600 


more than 2 hours’ drive from Hartford, CT

    2-day minimum

   $2,200 per day



$250 per hour for workshops or presentations. No minimum or maximum group size.

Q & A for groups that have read any of my books (20-30 minutes):

   No charge. 

Visits to libraries, book clubs, civics groups, etc:


In person or virtual:

$250 per hour, including driving time if more than 1 hour.


To inquire about visiting your school or organization, please e-mail me.








All presentations are 50 minutes long, and tailored for grades 3-6, but can be adapted for upper grades.



Getting the Facts Right

(Even When You're Making Things Up)

Research is required to write any book, even a novel. From train schedules, to rat-catching techniques, to the cost of a pair of shoelaces in 1948, I discuss the kinds of research I did for my own novels, and how facts can make fiction come to life.

Writing an Almost-True Story

How real-life people, places, and events became the completely made-up story, The Rhino in Right Field.

Workshop: Five Revision Tricks That Any Kid Can Do

Students will learn five easy revision techniques that will make their writing stronger. Working with an existing first draft, students will see immediate results, thus proving the value of the revision process, and making students more confident writers.

Workshop: The Dictionary Game

Using five randomly selected words from a really fat dictionary, students will begin a story that has all its basic elements:

  • setting

  • character

  • plot

  • story problem

  • backstory


We will define and explore those story elements, so we can learn how and why they make a story irresistible (and prove that students can write their own irresistible stories, with or without a really fat dictionary).

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where I've been

Some of the places and organization where I've given talks and presentations:

  • Wisconsin Book Festival

  • Miami Book Fair

  • University of Connecticut

  • Missouri Association of School Librarians (MASL)

  • Connecticut Library Association

  • Association of Library Services to Children (ALSC)

  • Florida Association for Media in Education (FAME)

  • Society of Children's Book Authors and Illustrators (SCBWI)

  • Doolittle Elementary, Cheshire, CT

  • Lake Stevens Middle School, Miami, FL

  • Central School, Simsbury, CT

  • University Lake School, Hartland, WI

  • East Lake Elementary, Lakeville, MN

  • Christie Elementaryl, Frisco, TX

  • Schultz Elementary, Tomball, TX

Stacy DeKeyser School Visit


“Stacy’s program was terrific. She kept her audience in rapt attention, and judging by the multitude of hands waving in the air at the program’s end, she also sparked quite a few imaginations. Stacy is a friendly, knowledgeable speaker and I would heartily recommend her.”

—Marla Martin

Woodbury Public Library, CT


“Your presentation fit our writing and reading studies perfectly. I was so pleased to see this meaningful connection! I thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of students and faculty of ULS. Please come back anytime.”

—Adriana Hollenbeck,
University Lake School, Hartland, WI