One Witch at a Time

Stacy DeKeyser

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The day had started so well. But now here was Rudi,

racing home to intercept a thief. All because of a foolish

bargain made by a nine-year-old girl.


Trouble has returned to Brixen, and once again, Rudi is

the one who must make things right. Can he undo the

disaster caused when an unsuspecting stranger brings a

foreign witch’s magic into the Brixen Witch’s province?

Margaret K. McElderry
One Witch at a Time
The Brixen Witch

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Stacy DeKeyser
Stacy DeKeyser
Stacy DeKeyser

"A clever blend of folkloric elements with

fast-paced action."
                    —School Library Journal

"A satisfying, stand-alone sequel that will

certainly send readers back to read The

Brixen Witch."
                     —Kirkus Reviews