Jump the Cracks

Stacy DeKeyser

books for young readers

Flux/North Star Editions

Paperback: 978-0738712741

e-book:       978-0738738871
ages 12+







A 15-year-old girl is accused of kidnapping when she finds an abandoned child on a train and then hides him from his abusive father. Soon she's on a cross-country journey with the boy, as each "right" decision gets her deeper into trouble -- and farther away from home. Victoria has vowed to protect the little boy no matter what. But can she keep that promise? Fast-paced suspense about a determined girl who becomes both rescuer and abductor of a child at risk.







“Bracingly realistic….With a combination of lively adventure and humane treatment of its characters, this is an absorbing and emotionally effective read.”             —BCCB

"DeKeyser accurately describes the thought process that Victoria goes through (and) does not oversimplify the situation. Teens are sure to find this an interesting read."           

            — School Library Journal


"Strong characters and fast-paced action."                    — VOYA


"Thought-provoking....Introspective tweeners will find plenty to chew on."            

            — Booklist


“DeKeyser convincingly portrays Victoria’s struggle to understand what happened to her once-perfect family and to protect a small boy.”           

             — Publishers Weekly


And reader praise:

"Teen kidnaps toddler--or does she? The story was terrific...The ending fits the story perfectly."                      

      — Linda Sue Park, Newbery-winning author


"A very engaging read! I loved Victoria's character and listening to her inner struggle."           

          — Jenny, YA librarian

“I thought it was amazing! I couldn't put it down. The end almost made me cry.”           

          — Jessica, age 17


"From the moment I started reading, I couldn’t find the nerve to put the book down."           

          — Alexandria, age 14


Jump the Cracks

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Honors and Awards

Truman Award Winner -The annual Truman Readers Award is selected by students in grades six through eight in the state of Missouri.


South Dakota State Library Reading List

Connecticut Press Club award: Best YA Novel

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The French edition of Jump the Cracks:

William, Mon Petit Prince.

French Edition of Jump the Cracks