Stacy DeKeyser

Stacy DeKeyser

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My twin sister Stephanie and me

(I'm the pudgy one on the right), and our mom. Mom is children's book author 

Dori Chaconas.

Stacy DeKeyser

I think my parents still have this chair in their basement.

Stacy DeKeyser

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the oldest of four sisters. We had a black cat named Puff, and a series of parakeets and canaries, whose names I can't remember.

Favorite things I did as a kid: Going to Brewers baseball games with my dad; taking exotic roads trip to Madison or Chicago; spending Sundays at both sets of grandparents' houses, and eating double Sunday dinners. 

As a teenager, I was not popular or unpopular. I was one of that vast group of invisible, semi-geeky (i.e. normal) people. I wore braces. Twice. I did not make the cut for cheerleader. I warmed the bench for my softball team. Which was probably just as well, since I liked the library better anyway.


Even though I am now Grown Up, I still feel pretty much like the semi-geeky teenager I used to be.


Except when I write. When I write I feel beautiful and graceful.

My second-grade school picture. I was not a real sailor.


Favorite food:


Wil not eat:

      Raw onions


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Sisters: 3

Brothers: 0

Now I live in:

Connecticut, in a small town with lots of trees. From my office window I've seen deer, foxes, lots of birds and squirrels, and even (sometimes) a black bear.


A black Labrador mix named Scout. She is afraid of ladybugs.


Favorite sport to watch:




Favorite sport to play:

          Does bike riding count?

          I also love hiking and snowshoeing.



Favorite book:

          I cannot possibly answer this question.

          For one thing, it changes all the time. But I'll read                     anything by Hilary McKay, Terry Pratchett,

          or Jonathan Stroud.



Afraid of:

          Roller coasters




Jobs I've had:


Laundry worker



Snack bar waitress


Copy editor

Hospital analyst

Medical transcriptionist

(Come to think of it, I'm still most of those things.)